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Marketing experts agree that once you hear this domain sung you simply will never forget it! There isn't a better start-up domain in the world.

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Email should be sent to: jim@tlcfun.com

"Ding Dong" is the most "recognizable" sound in the world.  It transcends language and its spelling is universally associated with its sound.  When you hear the sound "Ding Dong" it means someone or something is waiting at your door.

Technology has forever changed the way people shop.  Amazon has capitalized on the idea that people like to find packages waiting for them to open when the get home.  They look forward to it.  It is kind of a reward for all thier work.  eCommerce has provided an opportunity for consumers to browse and shop whenever they want in the safety and comfort of their own homes.  Safety is a big concern with terrorism on the rise.  Unlike our parents who had to wait weeks for catalog packages to arrive, Amazon's Prime will get them delivered in two days for free.  Amazon is already becoming the world's biggest shopping mall. Could "dingdong.com" be the next Amazon or drone delivery service?  This name works well with any tag line.

Once you hear the words "ding dong" sung (as in the traditional sound of a door bell) you will never forget it.  It has the tendency to keep playing in your head.  Great domain names with dot com extensions are so rare they are almost non-existent.  This domain is indeed a rare find.  Having heard the jingles, you can readily appreciate that "dingdong.com" is ideally suited for radio and TV commercials. The universality of the sound will make it very inexpensive to brand.

Investors should take note that as long as orders are taken online and delivered at a customer's door, this name can only appreciate in value. Take a "listen" for yourself and see if you don't agree!




BUY IT NOW! Direct  $495,000 usd

Seller chooses escrow agent.  Buyer pays for escrow fees and related transfer expense.  Broker fees may be applicable.

Contact owner directly by phone, mail or email:
James Phillips
P.O. BOX 801337

Acworth, GA 30101.

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