The sound is what makes this domain so unique and valuable! is as much a marketing strategy as it is a domain name.  It is a powerful brand that is immune to ever changing search algorithms. 

Why choose to compete on the Internet when you can dominate it?

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If there was a domain name that could guarantee instant and lasting success, this is the one!  Now is the time to own this premium domain before someone else gets it.  There is a great deal of interest in this name and for two good reasons.  "ding dong" is the most well known "two note" musical melody in the world!

Normally, a domain name is chosen to best suit a specific business. "" is different because almost any business can be built around it.  This is because it is not a name, it is a sound!  And it is not just any ordinary sound, it is the most familiar sound in the world!  How many domains can claim this unique "one of a kind" characteristic?  Let's examine what makes "" such a premium domain.

"Dingdong" transcends language.  Its spelling is universally associated with its sound.  When you hear the sound "Ding Dong" it means someone or something you have been waiting for has arrived at your door. "" is the ideal name for any service that begins or ends with a customer answering their door.  This domain applies to commerce of every kind and could work just as well for social media sites.  Why?  Because it is universally known, is already branded and unforgettable.

Once you hear the words "ding dong" sung (as in the traditional sound of a door bell) you will never forget it.  It has the tendency to keep playing in your head.  Great domain names with dot com extensions are so rare, they are almost impossible to find.  Having heard the jingles, you can readily appreciate that "" is ideally suited for less expensive radio commercials. In fact, it passes the radio test with an "A+".  This "two prong" marketing strategy will allow a startup to own a brand and dominate the Internet in very short order. 

For whatever your intended use, the universality of the sound makes it an instantly recognizable brand ready for worldwide use. There is simply no domain name like it.  Because this domain is a sound and not a word or combination of letters, it is totally immune to ever changing search and social media algorithm platforms.

Simplicity and memorability make essentially a rare "one word" online destination and a powerful brand you will own forever.  SEO is an ongoing and futile attempt to drive traffic to your site.  So how does one go about getting the public to remember your website?  The answer is by taking advantage of the most recognizable "two tone" melody the world has ever known.

In focus group research, nearly 100% of participants in a word association study connected the words ding and dong. Groups were given a list of 50 words and asked to provide a word that naturally follows. The word "ding" was included.  97% of those surveyed answered: "dong."  Our research confirms that these two words are inseparable.  Once the word association portion was completed, participants were played the jingle, 100% said they would never forget the website name. In follow up calls one month later, 100% of the participants not only remembered the name but could also sing the jingle.

This domain is being offered well be below its market value. All serious offers will be considered. Seller reserves the right to sell the domain to the buyer who makes the best offer.  The price listed below is a suggested starting point.  The amount received will go directly to charity.

Investors and advertising agencies should take note that as long as orders are taken online and delivered at a customer's door, this domain can only appreciate in value.  Click on any of the "play" arrows below and "Listen" to the jingles.  Once you hear the jingles sung, I am certain that "dingdong" will be playing in your head as well.  Safari uses may have to refresh their browsers to play the jingles again.

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Mr. Phillips doesn’t receive a salary and every penny from the sale of the domain will go directly to the boys  and girls he and his adjunct Professors work with.  We are receptive to helping boys and girls of every nation and creed learn the secret inner workings of the gadgets the kids love and use every day.  Like the domain, this truly hands-on learning experience is one that a boy or girl will never forget. Jim can be reached directly by email: concerning his charity.  He will do everything he can to help you. Jim has a particular passion for donating his labs to charter, private and public schools.

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The owner of this domain is a 501c3 public charity.  The name was gifted to the charity by its founder and chairman James Phillips.  “Jim” is known by the kids he works with and his associates as Professor Know-How.  Jim has developed a way to turn outdated classrooms into clubhouses of learning.  Even if this domain is not for you, please take a look at his site and consider helping him help kids with a tax deductible donation.  It's really cool stuff.  Be sure to watch this fun    Documentary.

No sound is as universally known and memorable as this one!

There is simply no domain like it in the world!

This is an exclusive listing of  No direct sales inquiries will be accepted or considered.