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Hundreds of millions of times each day, this sound is heard and understood in every language and culture globally. The sound you hear is a rare and catchy dot com.  There is no domain like it in the world.

dingdong.com  NEW LOW PRICE!

A domain's ability to be remembered is a key factor in determining its value.

No sound is as universally known as this one! 

  It is the sound that makes this domain so unique and valuable!

 This is but one possible use for this domain

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Over 59,000 people worldwide have visited this site this year alone.  Over 5,000 have visited in just the the past few days. There is a lot of interest in this domain. Now is the time to own this name before someone else gets it.  If there was a domain name that could guarantee instant success, this is the one!

Although product specific domains with few letters like "cars.com" are generally considered the most premium of domains, there are exceptions to the rule. "Dingdong.com" is one of those rare exceptions.

Normally, a domain name is chosen to best suit a specific business. "dingdong.com" is different because almost any business can be built around it.  This is because it is not name, it is a sound, the most common sound in the world!  How many domains can claim this unique "one of a kind" characteristic?  Let's examine what makes "dingdong.com" such a premium name.

To begin,"ding dong" is also the most "recognizable" sound in the world.  We hear the sound every day. This universality of the sound makes it a truly "global" domain.  This in itself makes it very valuable. "Dingdong" transcends language and its spelling is universally associated with its sound.  When you hear the sound "Ding Dong" it means someone or something you have been waiting for has arrived at your door.   This domain is an entrepreneur’s dream come true.  The reason is after hearing the domain sung once you will never forget it.

The Internet has forever changed the way we shop for goods and services.  Amazon has become the world's 24/7 shopping mall.  With Prime membership, most orders are delivered in as little as two days without charge.  Could "dingdong.com" be the next Amazon?  Could "dingdong.com" be the courier service that gets customer's purchases delivered to their doors the very same day?  The opportunities for this domain are almost endless.  

The Internet is now becoming a "one stop source" for services as well.  Entrepreneurs have been creating "one source referral sites" for everything from limousine, maid and home contracting verification services.  "dingdong.com" is the ideal name for any service that begins or ends with a customer answering their door. This domain is an entrepreneur’s dream come true.

Whatever you can imagine, this catchy domain will get your idea off to a quick and sensational start.  This is a domain that by its very nature, is already branded.  It has been said that opportunity only knocks at your door once.  Doorbells are pushed hundreds of millions of time each day.  Already branded, it is reasonable to expect  high traffic to your website with a modest advertising campaign.  Once again, this is no ordinary domain.

Once you hear the words "ding dong" sung (as in the traditional sound of a door bell) you will never forget it.  It has the tendency to keep playing in your head.  Great domain names with dot com extensions are so rare, they are almost impossible to find.  Having heard the jingles, you can readily appreciate that "dingdong.com" is ideally suited for less expensive radio commercials. For whatever your intended use, the universality of the sound makes it an instantly recognizable brand ready for worldwide use.  There is simply no domain name like it.

Investors and advertising agencies should take note that as long as orders are taken online and delivered at a customer's door, this domain can only appreciate in value.  Click on any of the "play" arrows below and "Listen" to the jingles.  Once you hear the jingles dung I am certain that "dingdong" will be playing in your head as well. 

Advertising agencies have rediscovered the value of jingles and they are making a big come back.



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$349,000 USD SPECIAL PRICE  $299,000 USD NOW THROUGH THE END OF AUGUST.  This price listed is hundreds of thousands below market appraisal.   Buyers who use the services of a broker are responsible for paying their commissions.  No haggling.  No bidding wars. No surprises.   Meet the price and the domain is yours!  The price will go back to $349,000 and possibly higher on September 01, 2016. This may be your last opportunity to purchase this domain directly avoiding broker fees.

  To contact the owner directly, please email, phone, or mail:

James Phillips
P.O. BOX 801337

Acworth, GA 30101.                                                       Email is the best way to reach seller.

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