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There is still time!

But make no mistake; soon the opportunity may be lost.

This domain sounds especially great with the dot com extension and works very well with tag lines. You will immediately appreciate that finding is analogous to winning the lottery.   


This domain is for serious investors and companies who have an interest in providing an online product similar to Amazon. The seller will only negotiate the sale of this domain with fellow CEOs.  You must have the financial strength to purchase this brand and ready to set up a face to face meeting to begin the process.  If you have to ask the price of this domain; you are not likely a qualified purchaser.  The domain is owned by a public charity and every dime will go directly to its efforts to engage boys and girls in an exciting hands-on science program called Professor Know-How’s Lab.  You can learn more by clicking the image of one of our website pages below.

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What happens when the same online company leases a fleet of jets and has drones delivering your groceries?  And what if mom while preparing dinner can go online and order whatever she needs by just talking and never looking at a screen or touching a keyboard?   Did I just hear an "Echo" in the room or was that a "Ding Dong"?  What happens when this online Goliath has no serious competitors?  The answer is simple; we need more Amazons.

Amazon’s success is also a result of how it has managed its phenomenal growth.  Instead of becoming weighted down with bureaucracy, it has maintained its entrepreneurial agility and creativity.  Unlike the Biblical Goliath, this giant won’t be easy to compete with or take down. If Amazon were ever to face a serious competitor, it will be at the hand of an agile marksman holding one hell of a slingshot with a brand that won't take 23 years to establish.

So where can one find such a slingshot, a slingshot and brand capable of slaying the mighty Goliath?   How do you take instant advantage of Amazon’s successes diverting their customers to your online site without relying on tired old SEO techniques?  Is it possible to bypass search engines altogether getting customers straight to your doorstep, your website?

The answer is absolutely "yes" and you just found it!  It's done by taking advantage of and capitalizing on the most recognizable "two note" melody the world has ever known.  It is called a doorbell and nearly every household in the world has one.  Can you imagine a brand that is reinforced and played every time a package is delivered anywhere in the world?  Simplicity is always the secret of success and it can’t get any simpler than

This domain is far too good for just any ordinary business.  In fact, it may be the best domain ever and it is perfect for an online site like Amazon. Why?  Because it is an already established brand ready to go head to head with Amazon in one simple ten second radio spot.  Our focus group research confirms that "dingdong", the ultimate onomatopoeia, transcends language, culture and borders.  Its spelling is universally associated with its sound. 
When you hear the sound "Ding Dong" it means someone or something you have been waiting for has arrived at your door.

As apocalyptic as it may sound, the consistent decline in sales and traffic at traditional brick and mortar stores is not a phenomenon, coincidence or fad.  No longer inevitable, its demise has become a reality.  Like the dinosaur, the imminent destruction and its ultimate extinction is in sight.  The massive asteroid that has forever changed how, when and where the world shops, is called Amazon.

The malls, and especially legacy department stores like Sears, Macy’s and JCPenny, are among those on the endangered list.  In fact, Sears Holdings, failing to reinvent itself, is closing stores, selling off real estate assets and iconic brands like Craftsman just to survive.  Sears is in hospice and the financial world doesn’t expect it to live much longer. 

This website and the offer it contains is not a criticism of Jeff Bezos or his company Amazon. In fact, it is a tribute.  Founded in 1994, Bezos brilliantly built and maintains the biggest, safest and most convenient online shopping mall in the world.

Investors and most of the financial world scoffed at the idea when Amazon was in its infant stage first selling books.  This giant has become the Biblical equivalent of a retail Goliath.  However, left unabated, it will be unstoppable.  Ironically, Amazon has become the online version of America’s storied "mail-order" retailer; Sears Roebuck and Company.

Many have successfully argued that in the game of retail business, Amazon is already a monopoly.